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This is the logo for the St. Cecilia International Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition. The background is white, and the writing is black. The writing at the top of the logo, written in a rainbow-like arc, reads, 'St. Cecilia IVIMC'. The writing at the bottom of the logo, written in a straight line, reads, 'Amor in lyra et in cantu vivit'. The central image depicts a black silhouette of a female profile, with long flowing hair. The flowing hair includes five long, wavy strands (plus one, much shorter strand at the bottom), resembling music staves, dancing in the wind. In her hair are blue, green, pink and black quavers and semi-quaveres, also dancing, getting smaller as they grow further away from the  face.

About Us

Named for the Patron saint of Music and Musicians, the St. Cecilia International Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition is committed to discovering and nurturing artistic excellence from the youngest artist to the more seasoned professional via its online platforms, offering much-needed promotion as well as financial awards to competition winners.​


We recognise that in-person travel remains a financial burden for many performers, which is why we provide a world-class competition in a virtual setting, in order to make the application process as fair and as straightforward as possible. Competitors have the chance to enter any category for which they are eligible. Categories are divided according to age, experience level, style and genre.​


To find out what makes us different from other international music competitions, please, visit the Why Us? section of our website.

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