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Terms & Conditions

Art. 1

The St. Cecilia International Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition (the Competition or us)  is a virtual (online) competition. There are no live rounds.

Art. 2

All application fees are non-refundable.

Art. 3

Video recordings only are permissible for the Competition performance entry.

Art. 4

A candidate (the competitor, participant, applicant or you) cannot claim legal rights to any media submitted to or broadcasts that may be made in connection with the Competition. All legal rights are reserved by the Competition and no fee is payable to any competitor for performances, photos, recordings, television broadcasts, or any other media or activity associated with the Competition.

Art. 5

Candidates may apply for multiple competition categories, as explained in the relevant sections of the Competition website.

Art. 6

If applying for more than one category, applicants must pay the required additional fees, as indicated in the application section of the St. Cecilia International Music Competition website.

Art. 7

If an individual candidate wishes to compete using more than one instrument (including voice, composition and conducting), the candidate must complete separate applications for each instrument and pay the required fees for each individual application.

Art. 8

Works do not need to be performed from memory but memorisation is encouraged.

Art. 9

No changes to the competition programme are permitted once the application form has been received, unless a candidate wishes to update their programme once advancing to the semi-final or final rounds. In this instance, the candidate must email the St. Cecilia International Vocal and Music Competition within seventy-two hours with their new programme after they have been offered the invitation to advance to the next round.

Art. 10

The decision of the St. Cecilia International Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition is final with no appeal.

Art. 11

The award of prizes, trophies and monetary awards are entirely subject to the discretion of the Competition. The Competition may withhold prizes if candidates’ performances are not up to standard, or may choose to split a monetary award between more than one candidate.

Art. 12

Monetary awards are inclusive of any international transfer fees.

Art. 13

Provision of correct contact information and mailing address is the sole responsibility of the applicant. The Competition will not be held responsible for any failure to communicate with an applicant or for unsuccessful delivery of prizes due to incorrect correspondence information provided by the applicant. Prize winners who have won monetary awards will automatically forfeit their prize(s) should they not contact the Competition within seven days of being notified of their prize(s) with correct bank details, or with any other information required of them to receive the prize(s).

Art. 14

By submitting an application to our Competition, the competitor automatically agrees to abide fully by all rules and regulations, including but not limited to these terms and conditions, as specified by the Competition. The Competition also reserves the right to disqualify a candidate without notice for breeching any of these terms and conditions, or for any professional misconduct whatsoever, including but not limited to attempts to sabotage the competition, providing false information and any and all illegal activity.

Art. 15

The Competition reserves the right to make amendments to its rules and regulations at any time without notice.

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