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Why Us?

In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, online music competitions have become a staple for many musicians looking to advance their career and promote their talents. Sadly, many organisations have taken advantage of this need with little to no reward. Given how valuable we know your money is, we encourage our applicants to be wary of competitions that advertise career promotion, BUT:

  • Charge £££ to advance to the semi-final and final competition rounds (our semi-final and final rounds are FREE of charge: if you're of a standard to get through, we firmly believe you shouldn't have to pay AGAIN...!)

  • Charge applicants more money AFTER winning  to collect their prizes

  • Have multiple first, second and third prize winners and only offer e-certificates for winners

  • Have 'fake' panellists - i. e. advertise jurors who are known for adjudicating online competitions but have nothing to do with that particular competition

In contrast, we promise:

  • Always to be transparent about application fees

  • Not to have more than one first, second and third prize winner per category (our candidates know that their awards really mean something)

  • Monetary rewards for top performers

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